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Sustainable Wine Program

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Sustainable Wine Program


Scoma’s Innovative,
Sustainable Wine by The Glass Program

Thousands of Bottles Saved and Counting

wine program

Good wine comes from bottles with corks. Period. We all know that. But we’re all wrong. Especially when it comes to serving perfect wine by the glass.

Five years ago, as part of the celebration of our 50th year in business here on San Francisco’s Pier 47, we installed a state-of-the-art wine tap system utilizing wine, that is instead of being ‘bottled’ is kegged’ at source at some of the finest vineyards into 20 liter “kegs” to serve our 13 wines by the glass offerings. The wines once delivered to the restaurant are poured through a state-of-the-art wine tap system that is composed of high-grade stainless steel. This system has several advantages over serving from a bottle:

  1. Footprint. It’s much more environmentally friendly because instead of using around 30,000.00 bottles with labels and corks each year, we’re getting that wine in stainless steel, reusable kegs! To date, we’ve saved approximately quarters of a million bottles from being produced.
  2. Temperature: Our wine by the glass is always at the optimum and correct temperature for consumption. As you’ve seen countless times, wine by the glass served at restaurants and bars from bottles either comes from a too-cold refrigerator that’s also being used to store cream and perishables, or at room temperature because it is on the counter. Our system controls each wine at its proper temperature.
  3. Consistent. Our wine is always perfectly fresh and suffers no deterioration. While wine by the glass from bottles is hit or miss depending on how long the bottle has been opened. Our wine is poured in perfect condition, every time because it is sealed in the keg by inert nitrogen gas which keeps the wine at perfect freshness throughout the life of each keg. When your bartender draws a glass out of the tap, it’s the same, ideal freshness each time.
  4. Ease of use. Rather than grabbing a bottle that’s open, remove its stopper then pouring a glass, or worse, having to uncork a new bottle, our wine by the glass is always only a tap draw away. That means less waiting time at a busy bar for all customers.
  5. Higher quality: Arguably, wine stored in a larger vessel, equivalent to 26 standard bottles, allows wine to develop more consistently and be showcased in optimum state.
  6. Variety. Because of the efficiency, we can properly maintain and serve a higher variety of wine by the glass than we would otherwise from the bottle. Our offerings range from a very fine local Chardonnay to good pinots, all the way to a (eclectic- would remove) low-yield, low-production Cabernet from Alexander Valley. We have wines by the glass for virtually every wine lover.

Of course, we still offer an outstanding bottled wine selection, having recently been awarded the Wine Spectator Award of Excellence for the 10th year running but as Wine Director Nick McGreevy notes, “while purists may not want wine their wine served from a ‘keg system’ from large vessels (and we have many excellent bottle options for them), the level of quality and consistency of our wines on tap is clear; certainly we try to offer something for all tastes. and a very nice mix for most wine drinkers.”

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Beautiful King Salmon was delivered at Scoma’s Pier!


Beautiful King Salmon was delivered at Scoma’s Pier!

Do you know … Scoma’s is the only restaurant in San Francisco that owns our own fishing boat and fish receiving station. The freshest fish is brought to us directly from our boat and with the help of our fisherfolk partners. Our executive chef Efren and his team are always carefully picking the best salmon, which is then carefully prepared and served directly to your plate. Click here to watch our Pier-to-Plate in action!

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2018 Person of the year – Mrs. Cheryl Scoma!

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Congratulations to Mrs. Cheryl Scoma!

Salesian Boys’ & Girls’ Club “2018 Person of the Year”

The Salesian Boys’ & Girls’ Club is proud to announce the honor of Mrs. Cheryl Scoma as the recipient of the “2018 Person of the Year.”! Mrs. Scoma is so very supportive of the Club, she loves the youth and continues to take care of them following in her husband, Al’s footsteps. The Scoma’s have always been very instrumental in the success of this youth organization and we are so over joyed and very thankful to acknowledge Mrs. Scoma as this year’s honoree.
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San Francisco Beer Week

Drakes by the Bay Web

SF Beer Week is here and Scoma’s is celebrating with a special collaboration with Drake’s Brewing. Through February 18th, Scoma’s is offering a special three-course beer pairing lunch and dinner menu ! The Drake’s By The Bay lunch and dinner are $45 and $60, exclusive of tax and gratuity. We hope to see you during SF Beer Week to enjoy this special pairing menu featuring Drake’s flavorful beer and the freshest seafood in the city.

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Happy Fabulous February!

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Hello Everyone! The month of February means …

…winter is fading, the days are sunny longer, Valentine’s Day is around the corner and our off-season hours are coming to an end. Here are some reminders to put on your calendar;
2/10… Last day for pre-ordering cooked crab for Lunar New Year
2/12….Lunch in Scoma’s dining room scheduled to open12:00pm noon Mon-Thurs and 11:30am Fri, Sat & Sun.
2/14….Valentines Day! If you do not see any availability for a reservation, we encourage you to walk-in!
2/16 .. Lunar New Year kicks off with delicious festivities lasting throughout the month

Reserve Your Cooked Crab for Lunar New Year Celebrations!

 boatDungeness Crabs are loading from our boat to the Fish Receiving Station!  We will cook for you the same day you schedule to pick-up. You can pre-order your cooked crab on Scoma’s Market, let us know the date & time to pick up, and it will be ready and waiting! Also think about adding on our extremely popular “Crab Kit” which includes cleaning & cracking your crab, fresh lemons, cocktail sauce. Visit Scoma’s online Market for details.


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Scoma’s Online Marketplace Now Open!

DSC 3792 e1516773629958We hope 2018 is off to a great start for you and that you had a wonderful holiday season with friends and family.  Due to popular demand and requests over the holidays, we are kicking off some exciting new initiatives at the restaurant this year, starting with a new online marketplace where you can buy your favorite Scoma’s items and have them shipped directly from the restaurant.  We are now able to ship glass products including our award winning Bloody Mary Mix, Olive Oil Dispensers, Beer Glasses, and more... Shop now on our Pier-to-Plate online Market!
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Happy Holidays to You from the Scoma Family! 

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Wishing you all the best for a happy and healthy 2018!

Let Scoma’s give you the gift of a hassle-free holiday!

THANK YOU!  To everyone who pre-ordered  fresh cooked Dungeness crabs for Christmas last week!  New Year's Eve is next and the Pre-Ordering DEADLINE is 12/29.  Even though the Scoma's boat is hard at work checking traps, crab supply is slim this time of year, so get those orders in soon!       Pick-up dates for pre-orders: 12/30, 12/31 and also New Years Day 1/1/2018.  Crab sales and pickup are available throughout crab season based on availability.

Last minute order? No problem! 

You can order online and pick it up the same day (subject to crab availability). Be sure to call the chefs at 415-640-8130, so that they can prepare your order asap. We will hold  your order for one more hours after your pick up time. If you decided to walk down to buy crabs, please allow us 15 to 30 minutes to get your order ready.

Onlne Order Pick-up location: 

SCOMA'S RESTAURANT / FISH RECEIVING STATION located at Pier 47, 1965 Al Scoma Way, San Francisco, CA 94133